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Marlene Green here with tower sections

Three salt water ships came into port on Sunday, two of them brought wind turbine parts. The BBC Rosario, making its first visit to the Twin Ports, brought pieces built by Siemens in Denmark. The Marlene Green arrived in the morning (above) with 42 tower sections built by General Electric and headed eventually for wind farms in Minnesota and Iowa. Discharge of the BBC Rosario … [Read more...]

Munson here

The John G. Munson departed Duluth on Saturday afternoon (above). It was perhaps the first warm, dry, summer Saturday with a lot of ship traffic and there were lots of people watching. Ten boats came under the Lift Bridge on Saturday, 7 going out and 3 coming in. Just before the Munson departed at 3:20, the Algolake came in and just after the Munson departed, the Herbert C. … [Read more...]

Alpena here on 5th visit of year

The Alpena is here for the 5th time this season, bringing cement on each occasion, as it was doing above in September, 2002. It was originally the Leon Fraser when it was built in 1942 for the Pittsburgh Steamship Company. It was modified for salt water duty for a time, sat idle during the 80's and was shortened by 120 feet in the late 80's and turned into a cement carrier. … [Read more...]

The barge Lockwood 1000 is discharged with the help of a truck

The truck in the picture above was brought up from Newport News, Virginia on another truck. It was used yesterday to back up a ramp to the barge Lockwood 1000 at the Port Terminal. It is on the ramp and its trailer is being moved under the white piece (a steam turbine built in Germany and destined for Calgary) which was lifted up by the barge's crane to be placed on the … [Read more...]

Tug Margot & barge Lockwood 1000 here from Newport News, Virginia

It's enough that the tug Margot brought the barge Lockwood 1000 here from Newport News, Virginia by way of the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson River, the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes. The cargo, 2 very large steam turbines and a smaller generator, is so difficult to handle that the same people who loaded it in Newport News came up to Duluth, by truck, to discharge the cargo from … [Read more...]