Archives for May 1, 2008

Joseph L. Block here with limestone

Today, the Twin Ports will send a lot of coal to electrical power plants in the lower lakes and we will discharge the first of many ships bringing wind turbine parts to be taken by truck from here to wind farms in the mid west. The Twin Ports does not take a side when it comes to energy. We take what we get and move it on its way. Neither coal nor wind turbine parts are built here or used here. It is the same with taconite and grain. The BBC Zarate is expected around first light with wind turbine parts. There is a line to get coal. Last night, the Algorail was waiting in the lake for two boats to depart before it came in. The American Integrity is after the Algorail and then the Algolake. The Joseph L. Block will bring limestone in before leaving for Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. Above, it is coming under the Lift Bridge last August.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-01-2008