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Beluga Enterprise here with wind turbine parts from Spain

Duluth is selling iron ore pellets and coal today. We are buying wind turbine parts. It's not our iron ore or coal; we are just holding it for taconite mines on the iron range and coal mines in Wyoming and Montana. In return for the coal that Montana is sending us to pass on to Michigan and Ontario, the Beluga Enterprise arrived today (above) with wind turbine parts loaded in … [Read more...]

Atlantic Huron here, then Nova Scotia

The Atlantic Huron came into port on Friday morning (above) to load coal for Nova Scotia. No US flagged vessels that we see here on any regular basis get out to the Atlantic Ocean and obviously, all the salt water ships we see here do. Some Canadian vessels load cargo here on an irregular basis that they take to Atlantic Ocean ports, as the Atlantic Huron is doing. The name of … [Read more...]

American Integrity helped by tugs

That's the American Integrity moving behind the Great Lakes tug North Carolina on Wednesday afternoon. The Integrity was on its way to load coal at Midwest Energy. On most boats, when major projects are not going on, painting the boat is the next best thing. With a dearth of salt water traffic this year, many of which need assistance from the tugs, the men at the Great Lakes … [Read more...]

Coal from Duluth to Nova Scotia

The Atlantic Huron arrived this morning around 9:30 to load coal for Nova Scotia, a trip that will take her into the Atlantic. She started life in 1984 as the Prairie Harvest and became the Atlantic Huron in 1989. She lost that name to become the Melvin H. Baker in 1994. In 1998, she again assumed her current name. As her name suggests, she can sail both on the Great Lakes and … [Read more...]

H. Lee White here, then Silver Bay

The H. Lee White came into port last night (above) with a cargo of coal. It should complete that discharge today and then leave for Silver Bay to pick up a load of iron ore pellets. Built in 1973, it is only 704 feet long. The smaller size allows it to go into ports where the 1,000 footers would not fit. Unlike most US freighters, it has been known to move through the Welland … [Read more...]

American Spirit here for fuel first

The American Spirit came in last night to load iron ore pellets at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) terminal in Superior, but arrived by way of the Duluth entry (above) to take on fuel at Murphy Oil first. This is the 6th visit to the Twin Ports for the 1,004-foot boat this season. It came here many times as the George A. Stinson, although almost always coming in the … [Read more...]

Barker goes to Fitgers

Many tourists and visitors saw nothing out of the ordinary in the picture above. Duluthians were wondering why the James R. Barker was headed over to Fitgers on Sunday morning. Happily, it didn't make it. The 1,000-footer made a turn, circled back and shortly came into port to load coal. Earlier, as it approached the ship canal, the boat called the bridge to tell them they were … [Read more...]

Paul R. Tregurtha greeted by visitors

Three thousand-footers will be coming to the Twin Ports today and even though we see a lot of them, 3 in one day is a lot of boat. Or more to the point, a lot of coal and iron ore pellets leaving the Twin Ports. The Mesabi Miner has probably already arrived and would be now loading iron ore pellets before departing under the Lift Bridge around noon. Shortly after that, the Paul … [Read more...]

McCarthy passes under Aerial Lift Bridge

The Indiana Harbor is due in port this morning around 6 am. It will be loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources and should be departing under the Lift Bridge in mid afternoon. The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. preceded it at Midwest. It arrived last night around 6 pm (above). This is the 8th trip to the Twin Ports this season for the Indiana Harbor; only the 3rd for the … [Read more...]

Beluga Federation here for grain

The Beluga Federation came into port at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon (above). It was built in 2006 and is loading grain. Midwest Energy Resources is still handling a lot of the action today. The Mesabi Miner finally got in and has likely departed earlier this morning. Two Canadian boats are due after the Mesabi Miner leaves, and then the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. will return for … [Read more...]

Roger Blough here 4th time this season

The Roger Blough came into port on Wednesday afternoon (above) to load iron ore pellets at the CN Dock in West Duluth. It is the 4th trip to the Twin Ports for the 858 foot laker. It likely departed the port earlier this morning, heading down to deliver the cargo for use in steel mills in Gary, Indiana. The Beluga Federation, built in 2006, will be here today for the first … [Read more...]