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James R. Barker gets back to work

Ice is not nice this season, although the James R. Barker was able to get back to work yesterday, leaving Duluth on Sunday afternoon (above) with coal for Detroit Edison. It came into port last week with ice damage. The Paul R. Tregurtha remains at the Port Terminal getting repairs to ice damage to the bow. There is a build up of traffic stuck in the St. Mary's River just … [Read more...]

Peter R. Cresswell takes coal to Nanticoke

The Peter R. Cresswell arrived in the Twin Ports Saturday morning at 10 am to load 25,000 tons of coal. Above, it departed Duluth at 6:30 Saturday evening to take the cargo to Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke. This is only its second trip to the Twin Ports since it was here 3 times in 2001. It was launched in 1982 as the Algowest. The American Century was expected to … [Read more...]

Paul R. Tregurtha gets repairs

Two thousand-foot long boats will be in the port today loading cargo. The American Integrity was expected last night, loading coal for Detroit Edison. It should depart this morning to be replaced by the American Century doing the same thing. Unfortunately, we already have 3 thousand footers in port in various stages of repair. The James R. Barker and the Paul R. Tregurtha both … [Read more...]

Paul R. crew hosts TV film crew

The Paul R. Tregurtha was the first 1,000 footer to arrive in the Twin Ports this season, coming in late Wednesday evening. It also brought a video crew from the Discovery Channel, Canada along. They were working on a program for the Discovery Channel about the world’s biggest boats. The Tregurtha has that title on the Great Lakes. They boarded the boat in Sturgeon Bay, … [Read more...]

James R. Barker arrives Twin Ports

The first thousand footers from beyond the Soo Locks will be in port today. The Paul R. Tregurtha, at 1,013 feet the longest of the 13 working the Great Lakes, was expected last night. After a stop for fuel and then some repairs, it was expected to be loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior by first light. The James R. Barker is due late this evening. Both boats … [Read more...]

Ryerson even prettier now with new paint

After wintering at Fraser Shipyards (above), the Edward L. Ryerson was expected to depart the shipyard around 4 am this morning to go down the Superior channel to Burlington Northern to load iron ore pellets. After spending the winter layup in the dry dock at Fraser Shipyards, the Canadian flagged Frontenac is also expected to depart the shipyard and is also going to Burlington … [Read more...]

Roger Blough departing for Conneaut

After 3 trips taking coal to Lake Superior ports, the Mesabi Miner was due here last night to load coal for Detroit Edison power plants at St. Clair, Michigan, beyond the Soo Locks. They will open today. Yesterday, both the John G. Munson and the Roger Blough started their season, the Munson going to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets and the Blough taking iron ore pellets to … [Read more...]

Algowood arrives Duluth from winter layup

The Soo Locks do not open until March 25th so Twin Ports boat movement is still pointed at ports within Lake Superior. The Edwin H. Gott left the port on Sunday morning to load taconite at Two Harbors. The Lee A. Tregurtha departed Duluth on Sunday afternoon to load taconite for Indiana Harbor at Silver Bay. The Algowood arrived on Sunday (above) from winter layup in Thunder … [Read more...]

Alder is a hard worker

The Coast Guard cutter Alder was out Friday making sure shipping channels were open for the boat traffic expected this weekend. Shipping channels are not the only areas in the harbor where the ice must be broken up. Boats that come to port usually have to make a turn somewhere since they will be going back out. The Alder was paying particular attention to the turning basin in … [Read more...]

Indiana Harbor ready to start her new season

In yesterday's Duluth Shipping News, there was a picture of the Aerial Bridge in the up position for the first time in two months but it was only practice; no vessels came through. Last night, the Mesabi Miner filled up the void when it came in at 7:00, the first boat traffic of the season to come under the Lift Bridge. Two more boats, the Indiana Harbor and the Roger Blough, … [Read more...]

Aerial Lift Bridge showing off new paint job

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. The Aerial Lift Bridge celebrated by making a lift at noon (above), shortly after two-direction-at-the-same-time auto traffic was opened. With the paint job completed for this year, the bridge crew still has to do some maintenance on the bridge but it should be open to ship traffic by Saturday. The Mesabi Miner will depart Taconite Harbor … [Read more...]