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St. Clair greeted by North Pier Light

After taking a load of taconite down to Zug Harbor, near Detroit, the St. Clair arrived back in Duluth on Thursday afternoon (above) to take on its last load of the season, coal from Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. It will take that cargo to its namesake city, St. Clair, Michigan. The coal will be discharged at the Detroit Edison power plant there. While the St. Clair does take coal to St. Clair during the season, it also carries other cargos such as limestone and taconite to a variety of ports. Of note today, the 2nd and 3rd winter layup arrivals are expected, the American Spirit and the Frontenac. Photo taken on January 10, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-11-2008