CSL Assiniboine enters cold ship canal

The CSL Assiniboine likes Duluth in cold weather. It will be here today for only the 11th time this season, but the second time this month. Of 6 trips here last year, two were in January and of the 7 times it was here in 2005, two were in January. Above, it is seen knocking a few ice chips aside as it came into the Duluth ship channel on April 1st this season. Today, it will load taconite at the CN dock in West Duluth. The 2005 trips were the first under the current name; before a major upgrade that year, it was called the Jean Parisien and was 9 feet, 10 inches shorter. Photo taken on April 01,2007
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-09-2008
Kenneth Newhams :