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The Zeeto was here in July, 2010 (below) and will return in July 2013. She was built in 1954 and was modeled after a 1850’s fishing schooner. She sailed the Caribbean as a private vessel for many years and later was in Boston and then Lake Superior where she was available for charters. She is currently owned by Doug Hansen of Minneapolis. He has made extensive renovations and now sails her around Lake Superior.

Denis Sullivan, a tall ship from Milwaukee

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The tall ship Denis Sullivan visited Duluth in July, 2009 (below). She was back in July, 2010 and will be here again in July, 2013
Launched in 2000, the S/V Denis Sullivan is a 137-foot re-creation of a three-masted, 19th century Great Lakes schooner. She is owned and operated by Pier Wisconsin as an educational platform and scientific research vessel. Based in Milwaukee, she sails each year to ports-of-call throughout the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean and the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea.
On her visit in 2009, she was open for public tours (above).  Below, she arrives Duluth by way of the Duluth ship canal on July 29, 2010.
Picture above taken Wednesday, July 1, 2009: Submitted photo; date not known. I think that is Milwaukee in the background

Brig Niagara

The Brig Niagara was here in 2002, and back again in July, 2010 and  in July, 2011. She will be back on July 25, 2013.

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After the War of 1812, the sailing ship Niagara was scuttled in Erie Harbor. In 1913, she was brought up and reconstructed. Between 1933 and 1943, another complete reconstruction took place. Masts and rigging were installed in 1963. By the mid 1980’s, time had again taken its toll on the ship. The Niagara was closed to the public due to severe deterioration. In 1988, a new Niagara was built that includes some original timber. This is the tall ship that comes to Duluth and is seen here.
The Niagara arrived Duluth on July 14, 2011 (below)
The Niagara is about to enter the Duluth ship canal (below) when she arrived on July 31, 2008
The Niagara (below) is about to enter the Duluth ship canal when she arrived on August 1, 2002

Schooner Halie & Matthew

Due to a variety of circumstances, the Schooner Halie & Matthew will not be here for the Tall Ships festival in July 2013. For more information, check this article in the Duluth News Tribune
You can also check out their web page at:

Sørlandet comes to Duluth

The Sørlandet was built in 1927 in a region in Southern Norway called Sørlandet for use as a training ship for the Norwegian Merchant Marine.

She came to the United States in 1933 and was the Norwegian pavilion at the Chicago World’s fair in 1933.
She was damaged in World War 2, restored in 1948, sold in 1974 and after several years of decay, was given to the city of Kristiansand Norway in 1977.
In 1986 she took part in the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty in New York. In the late 80’s, she was used at a training ship by the Royal Norwegian Navy. From 2003 to 2007, she underwent significant rehabilitation.
Before arriving in Duluth on July 25th, 2013, she will visit Lunenburg in Nova Scotia and Brockville, Toronto and Hamilton in Ontario. After stops in Cleveland and Bay City, Michigan, she will sail to Duluth.
For more information, go here:

Photo above courtesy of: Fullriggeren Sørlandet

Peacemaker comes to Duluth

The Peacemaker was built in southern Brazil using traditional methods with tropical hardwoods. The ship was first launched in 1989 as the Avany, a name chosen by her designer and owner, Frank Walker, a Brazilian industrialist. He sold the boat to the current owner in 2000.
The new owners upgraded the mechanical and electrical systems and designed a practical and aesthetically pleasing rigging.
She will be in Duluth for the Tall Ships festival in July,2013. For more information, go here:
Their itinerary before arriving in Duluth and after they depart is listed below
Miramichi, New Brunswick       May 31 – June 2
Brockville, Ontario       June 15 – 16
Toronto, Ontario         June 20 – 23
Hamilton, Ontario       June 29 – 30
Cleveland, Ohio          July 4 – 7
Bay City, Michigan       July 12 – 14
Marquette, Michigan    July 20 – 21
Duluth, Minnesota       July 26 – 28
Chicago, Illinois           August 8 – 12
Green Bay, Wisconsin  August 16 – 18
Midland, Ontario          August 23 – 25
Kingsville, Ontario        August 30 – September 1
Erie, Pennsylvania       September 6 – 8
Buffalo, New York        September 13 – 15

Hindu comes to Duluth

The Hindu is a 79-foot sailboat with a long and interesting history which you can read here:
She will be in Duluth for the Tall Ships festival in July, 2013

The Coaster came over from Marquette

The Coaster was here in July, 2010 (below). She will return in July, 2013.
Niko Economides bought the Coaster II in Maine and brought it to his home town of Marquette Michigan where he uses it to teach people, especially kids, how to sail. He also runs charters with the boat. It has been as far away as Hawaii and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Coaster is based on a small coasting schooner of the type that worked in Marquette carrying cargo and goods. She is seen here taking another group of sailors out for a ride.

The Pride of Baltimore

The Pride of Baltimore will be coming to Duluth again, July 25 thru 29, 2013.

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The Pride of Baltimore II was commissioned in 1988 in memory of the original version, the Pride of Baltimore. That ship sank in bad weather, in 1986, off Puerto Rico. The current Pride was built as a reproduction of an 1812 era topsail schooner, called Baltimore Clippers. The clipper ships made a great contribution to the US side in the War of 1812.
The Pride arrived Duluth on July 14, 2011 (below)
The Pride follows the Brig Niagara and they both arrive Duluth on July 14, 2011.
The Pride of Baltimore docked at the Paulucci Building, the home of Duluth Shipping News.
The Pride arrived Duluth on July 29, 2010 (below)
The Pride arrived in Duluth on July 31, 2008 (below)
Above, she came in through the Duluth ship canal; notice the smoke from the ‘friendly’ cannon fire. Below still in the ship canal. Below that, I had a chance to get on the Pride and go out into the lake and then come back in the the Parade of Ships.
She departed Duluth on Monday, August 4, 2008 (below)

Philip R. Clarke arrives in cold

The Philip R. Clarke arrived in Duluth just before noon on Monday (above) and was greeted by a small but hearty group of souls who almost looked like they were standing in formation. It came in light (no cargo) to load taconite for Conneaut, Ohio and probably departed the port late Monday night. We expect 6 arrivals today, half loading coal and the other half taconite. Both cargos have been first in tonnage over the last 5 years. Last year, the port saw 19 million tons of coal passing through the port and 17 million tons of taconite. Photo taken on December 31,2007
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-01-2008