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Federal Asahi

Seven boats should be arriving in the port today. Three of them will likely finish their work here and depart later in the day. The Hong Kong flagged Federal Asahi will be here today to load grain. It was here in April, 2000 at the end of its maiden voyage, sailing here from Japan where the vessel was built. It returned one more time that year, and was back once in 2002 and … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport arriving Duluth canal

The Ypermachos finally departed the Twin Ports with grain last night. The Beluga Energy was due in Tuesday night but high winds on Lake Superior forced the ship to take cover near the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan, on the south shore of Lake Superior. It was expected in last night and should be discharging wind turbine parts from Spain at first light this morning at the Port … [Read more...]

Cort makes rare Duluth entrance

The Stewart J. Cort, the first thousand footer on the Great Lakes, came in the Duluth entry on Tuesday. The boat has made 527 visits to the Twin Ports and only 16 of the visits found it coming in the Duluth entry. The crew seemed happy to be here; they gave several whistles including one that seemed like a tune. We get duck boats such as the Greenwing and the Bluewing and today … [Read more...]

Federal Oshima looks nice with South Pier Light

The Federal Oshima came into port last Friday (above) and is expected to depart today taking wheat to Naples. The Ziemia Cieszynska may also depart, taking soy beans to Northern Europe. The Ypermachos is expected to finally come into port this morning from the outside anchorage, probably around 8 am. This is the former Socrates so if you are down by the ship canal when it comes … [Read more...]

Mesabi Miner arriving Twin Ports for coal

The Mesabi Miner arrived in Duluth early Sunday afternoon (above). It came to load about 62,000 tons of coal for a Detroit Edison power plant in St. Clair, Michigan. We expect three boats today to load grain. One of them, the Ypermachos, has been at anchor off the Duluth piers for several days. This is the former Socrates, the ship that spent a week aground off Park Point in … [Read more...]

BBC Ems getting lots of fuel

Above, the BBC Ems loaded 800 tons of heavy fuel oil at the Murphy Oil Fuel Dock at the Port Terminal on Saturday. That was the largest order Murphy Oil has ever filled at their Duluth dock. With 22 wind turbine blades on their top deck, the heavy fuel oil will give the ship better stability on the trip to Spain. Murphy started fueling at 12:45 Saturday afternoon and completed … [Read more...]

BBC Ems loads wind turbine blades

Ballast tanks, filled with water, provide stability to a ship. Fuel is a liquid that also provides stability. When the BBC Ems completes loading wind turbine blades later today, it will move over to the Murphy Oil Fuel Dock to take on about 800 tons of heavy oil fuel. That will take the Fuel Dock about 7 or 8 hours. This is the largest order that Murphy has filled since they … [Read more...]

Algonorth departing Twin Ports

The Algonorth will be here for the first time since it arrived here on December 18th, 2005. It has been here 18 times since 1996. In the picture above, it is leaving Duluth in June, 2004. It will be loading grain while here. Two ships owned by Wagenborg Shipping in the Netherlands will be here today. One, the Americaborg, is making its 2nd visit here; the first was just this … [Read more...]

Clarke welcomed by large crowd

Above, the Philip R. Clarke is arriving last July for the 6th trip of the season to the Twin Ports. It will be here today for the 12th time, about the number of trips it has made to the Twin Ports in the last several years. They are bringing limestone loaded in Cedarville, Michigan. When they complete discharging that cargo, they will load taconite at Two Harbors. On trips to … [Read more...]

Vechtborg enters Duluth ship canal

The Dutch flagged Vechtborg will be here today for only the 4th time since it was built in 1998. Above, it is coming into port in 2005. It will load beet pulp pellets. Today, we will see one other Dutch flagged ship, 2 Canadian flagged and 3 US flagged boats. They will load taconite, coal and grain. No cargo will be discharged in the port today. In September, we loaded 975,736 … [Read more...]

Xenia in Twin Ports harbor

The Xenia came into port on Sunday afternoon (above) after discharging general cargo in Hamilton. This is the 4th trip the Xenia has made to the Twin Ports, the 2nd this season. It was built in 2002 and is 468 feet long, shorter than most of the older salt water ships that come to Duluth, but part of a fleet of newer ships that are shorter and more flexible. Just the smaller … [Read more...]