Halifax makes trail through ice

There is significant boat traffic scheduled for today but the weather may be more significant. High winds could effect all shipping activity in the port. Coal and taconite can be loaded in rain, but sometimes equipment cannot be operated in high winds and they can make it difficult to tie up to a dock. Salt water ships will have trouble loading grain. That doesn’t happen in the rain. The Whistler got out last night with a cargo of grain, but the Federal Weser, Kamenitza and the BBC Elbe will probably be delayed. The Beluga Efficiency has been discharging wind turbine parts before loading grain. Neither activity goes well in high wind. The Halifax was expected earlier this morning. Above, it is coming into port last March, not at all bothered by the cold weather and ice. Photo taken on March 24, 2007. [Halifax was scrapped in 2011.]
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-18-2007
Kenneth Newhams :