Quebecois departs Duluth

The weather has not been too great and won’t be. It has a varied effect on the business of loading and unloading cargo. We have 2 boats discharging cement here this weekend. The Alpena, a regular visitor her, has a completely internal discharging system, much like a tanker. Bad weather doesn’t effect the process much at all. Over at St. Lawrence Cement, they were delayed discharging the Quebecois (seen above on a previous visit) for a while on Friday by rain. It is not too hard to figure why. They can discharge with a light drizzle, but they close the cargo holds and wait out anything heavier. They use an auger system over there that gets the cement from inside the cargo hold where high winds don’t have much effect. Grain loading is stopped for rain and sometimes for high winds. And coal and taconite wait for nothing. Rain, snow and ice doesn’t stop them much, it just gets a little uncomfortable sometimes. Photo taken June 25, 2002.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-07-2007
Kenneth Newhams :