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Canadian Prospector

The bulk freighter Canadian Prospector came into port on Monday morning to load grain. It has been here 36 times since 1996 but the last visit was in October of 2004. It was built in 1964 as an ocean going freighter named Carlton and was lengthened in 1968 by 80 feet and renamed St. Lawrence Prospector. It was lengthened again in 1979 by 88 feet and given its current name. It … [Read more...]

Earl W. Oglebay in Silver Bay

The Earl W. Oglebay should be here today to load sinter at the CN dock in West Duluth. Last August, the ship was sold by Oglebay Norton to Wisconsin and Michigan Steamship Company in Lakewood, Ohio. Most of the other boats that Oglebay Norton sold received a new name immediately. A note on the web says that the Oglebay part of this boat's name was painted over last winter. If … [Read more...]

Vista King visits 2 mature ladies

Yesterday was one of the last days of summer. The Vista Fleet was out in the harbor for their final cruises this season. Captain Amanda Porter (above) was at the wheel of the Vista King late Sunday afternoon, positioning the boat so her passengers could get a better look as the Alpena was discharging cement at the Lafarge dock in Superior. The Alpena is on the outside, next to … [Read more...]

Jumbo Spirit gets frequent sailing miles

The Jumbo Spirit loaded a reactor vessel in Japan and came directly to Duluth to discharge it. That is the cylinder on the right side in the picture above looking into the ship’s hold. The object at the left, a transformer, was to be discharged in Toledo, a port they passed right by on the way here. The shipper (who pays the freight) for the reactor vessel wanted the trip to be … [Read more...]

CG does Jumbo inspection

Jumbo Spirit captain Remko DeGreef (left) conferred with local Coast Guard MST 3rd class Robert Beeren (right) in the pilot house of the ship on Friday morning. (MST - Marine Science Technician). The Coast Guard was on board to conduct an extensive inspection of the ship's major systems. This was the last job on the ship for the captain on this trip. A relief captain arrived in … [Read more...]