Canadian Progress backdrop for wedding

On Sunday, the Canadian Progress appeared off the Duluth piers in time for the wedding of Brandon and Jessie Pritchard in the Rose Garden. Jessie is from White Bear Lake. Her new husband will soon be returning to Groton, Connecticut where he serves on the USS Hawaii, the Navy’s newest attack submarine. Undoubtedly, crews on the two ships at anchor, the Vancouverborg and the Grigoriy Aleksandrov, watched the festivities. It appears that folks on the Vista King, moving toward the Canadian Progress, may not have known about the wedding. Anyone in the Rose Garden on Sunday might also have seen the Adam E. Cornelius, the American Spirit, the Tuscarora, the John J. Boland, the Isadora, and the Inviken pass by. It was a busy day all around. Photo taken on September 23, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 09-24-2007
Kenneth Newhams :