Ypermachos crew greets Duluth

The Ypermachos came under the Lift Bridge early Friday evening (above). It is here to load grain at the Cargill elevator in Duluth. The crew was on deck waving to the crowd at the ship canal as they went under bridge. This ship was also in Duluth in early November, 1985 when it was called the Socrates and spent about a week aground just off Park Point. It created quite a sensation. Before becoming the Ypermachos, it also sailed around the world as the Union and the Mecta Sea. But only the name Socrates was imprinted in raised lettering on the hull of the ship; the others, including the Ypermachos, were just painted over the original name. It is hard to see in the picture above, but in real life, you can see the raised lettering of the original name. The E on the current name was painted directly over the S in the original name. Photo taken on August 31, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 09-01-2007
Kenneth Newhams :