Beluga Constitution greeted by friends

The Beluga Constitution returned to Duluth yesterday (above) with the same cargo it brought here when it was here in July; wind turbine parts built in Spain and destined for a wind turbine farm in North Dakota. The Constitution was part of a big traffic day on Thursday, much of it coming in. That means today will be a high traffic day going out. Three salt water ships operated by Fednav in Montreal are in port and all three are expected to depart today. They are distinguished by their very red color. The BBC Finland is expected in today. It had three names before it ever got out of the shipyard, the last one being BBC Finland. Most BBC ships are owned by a company in Germany. This one is owned by a company in Italy and flies an Italian flag. If that isn’t enough, the Socrates will be here today, although it is now called the Ypermachos. There is even a boat in port today that will be loading coal and one loading taconite. Photo taken on August 30, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-31-2007
Kenneth Newhams :