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Beluga Constitution greeted by friends

The Beluga Constitution returned to Duluth yesterday (above) with the same cargo it brought here when it was here in July; wind turbine parts built in Spain and destined for a wind turbine farm in North Dakota. The Constitution was part of a big traffic day on Thursday, much of it coming in. That means today will be a high traffic day going out. Three salt water ships operated by Fednav in … [Read more...]

Spruceglen as Spruceglen in a pickle

On August 29, 2002, the salt water ship Fraser failed to make the turn toward the Lift Bridge and went aground in front of the Paulucci Pavilion at Bayfront Park. Yesterday, exactly 5 years later, the same boat, now called the Spruceglen and flying a Canadian flag, had finished loading grain at the Cargill elevator in Duluth and was about to depart when they realized the boat, at midships, was … [Read more...]

CSL Tadoussac departing Duluth

Bentonite, beans, coal, taconite, wheat and sand are a sampling of the menu today in the Port of Duluth Superior. We will have to wait for the Beluga Constitution to arrive later this week to add wind mills to the list. Eight vessels will be arriving, 5 under the Lift Bridge and 6 vessels will depart the Twin Ports today, 5 of them under the Lift Bridge. The Federal Mattawa will be making its … [Read more...]

Spruceglen as Fraser in a pickle

The Spruceglen has two local claims to fame. At one time, it was named the Federal St. Louis, in honor of the river running between Duluth and Superior. Then there was the day, exactly 5 years ago tonight, when the ship, then called the Fraser, failed to make the turn to the Lift Bridge while trying to depart Duluth. It went aground just beyond Bayfront Park and the Paulucci Pavilion (above). The … [Read more...]

Algomarine in Twin Ports harbor

Three US flagged thousand footers should be here today to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. They will have to wait for the 730 foot, Canadian flagged Algomarine to finish up. It was due in shortly after midnight. Seldom seen in the Twin Ports, the Algomarine was just here one week ago. Since 2002, it has only visited here once earlier this year, and once last year. The Walter J. … [Read more...]

Block arrives to large crowd

All hands were on deck and waving as the Joseph L. Block came into port around 6:30 on Saturday evening (above). The 728 foot freighter brought limestone to the CN dock in West Duluth. When they complete discharging that cargo, they will move next door to the Hallett Dock to begin loading taconite by-product. Then they will go to the Two Harbors CN dock to complete loading taconite, departing … [Read more...]

Beluga Elegance unloading

The German owned Beluga Elegance came into port Thursday morning at 8:45 with a cargo of wind turbine base units and nacelles. A sister ship, the Beluga Expectation, brought a similar cargo here a couple weeks ago, and another sister, the Beluga Constitution, will be here next week with more wind turbine parts. All of these pieces were loaded at the Spanish port of Bilbao. The parts will be taken … [Read more...]

Manistee makes rare visit to Duluth

The American flagged and Canadian owned Manistee was expected in port late last night. It should now be discharging a cargo of salt at the Hallett 8 dock in Superior. When it completes that job, it will move across the St. Louis River to the CN dock in West Duluth to load sinter. The Manistee started life as a US freighter built in 1943 called the Richard J. Reiss. The Reiss was not often in … [Read more...]

Presque Isle honors first Captain

The Presque Isle came into port last night. It was greeted by an armada of sailboats (above). That is fitting since the boat gave a Captain’s salute as it came in, 3 long and 2 short whistles. The Lift Bridge answered the same back, in honor of Captain Bill Jeffery who died in Duluth on July 29. He was in New Orleans in 1972 when the tug Presque Isle was built. He sailed the tug out into the … [Read more...]

St. Clair ready to depart Duluth

Most of the thousand footers that come to the Twin Ports load coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. There have been days recently when one was loading at the dock, another one was in port waiting and a third thousand footer either was in port waiting or not far out in the lake. Today, however, the coal dock has a very busy schedule but it is 'smaller boat day.' No thousand footers will be … [Read more...]

Federal Hunter

The Federal Hunter came into the inner anchorage on Monday afternoon (left). It was making its turn up the channel while the Alpena (at the right) was waiting to depart as soon as the Federal Hunter cleared. It was a two ship lift for the bridge, a treat for the visitors at the Maritime Museum and a long wait for those in cars waiting for the two ships. A little later, the Federal Hunter came back … [Read more...]