American Mariner lines up to depart Duluth

The Kapitonas Stulpinas should be arriving under the Lift Bridge very early this morning. It comes to Duluth about once a year, often, as today, to load bentonite. It was built in Ukraine in 1981 as part of the former Soviet Union’s merchant vessel fleet. Like many other ships in that fleet, it is now owned and operated by the Lithuanian Shipping Company at Klaipeda, a port located on the Baltic Sea. The heavy lift ship Fairlift is another salt water ship expected to arrive today. It has not been here since 2000, although its sister ships, the Fairlane and Fairload, have made 4 trips here since then. They always bring very heavy industrial pieces that are loaded onto rail cars at the Port Terminal and then taken to Alberta where they are used in several different oil sands projects (removing oil from sand). The American Mariner was expected last night with limestone loaded in Calcite, Michigan. After discharging that cargo, it will load coal for Milwaukee. Above, it departed Duluth on June 25th, 2002.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-28-2007
Kenneth Newhams :