Adam E. Cornelius departs in April ice

We load a lot of ships here for some exotic ports, such as Algeria, Iceland, the South coast of France and Venezuela to name a few. And with apologies to the following, we also load cargo for less exotic ports on the Great Lakes, such as Lorain, Ohio or Gary, Indiana. But I never thought of Buffalo as a major destination for our cargo ships but today, it is. The Adam E. Cornelius should be departing Duluth later today with wheat for General Mills in Buffalo. That is work that was handled by the Kinsman Independent for many years. The tug Gregory J. Busch arrived here yesterday with a barge ready to be loaded with wind turbine base units. They were built by DMI Industries in West Fargo and sent here by truck. The tug was here late last year to take one load of base units to Buffalo but bad weather kept if from making a second trip. Today, it is here for that second trip and it should be back for more wind turbine base units, all of which will be shipped out of Buffalo to wind turbine farms in upper New York state. Above, the Cornelius departs Duluth with wheat for Buffalo on April 11th this year.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-01-2007

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