Federal Matane leads plethora of boats

The tenders at the Lift Bridge must have been tired on Saturday afternoon, but visitors to the Duluth ship canal were happy to see all the traffic. The operators had to lift the bridge 5 times within a couple hours. Above, the Federal Matane led off the traffic, going under the Lift Bridge at 3:15. Fifty minutes later, the Algolake came under the bridge, and soon after that the John G. Munson departed. It was followed by the Paul R. Tregurtha. It departed at 5:30 and as it was turning south after clearing the South Pier light, the James R. Barker arrived to load taconite. (The Tregurtha went south since it was taking coal to Marquette, on the south shore of Lake Superior.) The Virginiaborg was originally set to depart shortly after the Barker arrived, but it was delayed an hour or so, giving visitors time to eat dinner before they had to return to the ship canal to watch another boat. I might point out that yesterday’s schedule, printed here, included all these boats, in only slightly different order.  Photo taken on May 12, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-13-2007
Kenneth Newhams :