Canadian Progress to load coal

The Canadian Progress (now Algoma Progress) arrived in port last night, making its 2nd trip of the year. It was first here on April 9th. Both trips found the boat loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. That is the usual loading dock for the Canadian Progress, and like all the trips it makes to the Twin Ports, it will carry the cargo to Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke. The Canadian Progress has a 250 foot self unloading boom to discharge its cargo. When under way, the boom sits on the deck of the boat as above on a trip here in 2004. When loading coal here, the boom is swung out over the river (St. Louis) so it is out of the way as the coal loader moves up and down the deck pouring coal into the boat’s cargo holds.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/18/2007
Kenneth Newhams :