Ice not nice

The Canadian Transport came into port last night around 6 pm (above). It went over to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal and likely left early this morning. The Algolake followed it in last night to get fuel, and then had planned to go back under the bridge and to the anchorage to wait its turn at Midwest. Both boats had to move through the latest version of this year’s Duluth ice pack, this time in and just beyond the Duluth piers. After disappearing for several days, an east wind returned, not real strong but just enough to collect Western Lake Superior’s ice and deposit it at the Duluth piers. Neither boat had any trouble with the ice. It will be interesting to know if the Algolake went out and stayed in the ice pack last night, or decided to go to the open water beyond the ice just in case.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/10/2007
Kenneth Newhams :