Algolake delayed by high wind at the Soo

High winds are keeping a lot of boats away from the Twin Ports. Yesterday’s traffic has merged into today’s, and arrivals today are still not certain. Many boats have been anchored in Whitefish Bay on the other side of the Lake. The Alpena, scheduled to arrive yesterday, is still expected sometime today, as is the Mesabi Miner, making its first return trip since it broke open the ice for two boats stuck in it just off the Duluth piers. The Algolake has been anchored at DeTour, on the lower St. Mary’s River for 4 days. They have seen 20 foot seas. They hope to pull up their anchor this morning and head for the Twin Ports, arriving around 6 on Monday evening if the favorable weather forecast for Sunday and Monday holds. Of course, that may set up a race across the Lake and a lineup for a dock when they all get here.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/8/2007
Kenneth Newhams :