Maritime Trader ceremony

Captain Jim Perkins brought his Canadian flagged Maritime Trader under the Aerial Bridge Tuesday morning a little after 7 am. He started his journey in Windsor, Ontario where the boat was laid up for the winter. He took a grain cargo to Quebec and then traveled the entire length of the St. Lawrence Seaway, in ballast, to become the first boat of the season to arrive in Duluth from the other end of the system. Of course, he was accused of bringing all the snow with him. Because of the snow, a planned ceremony on the boat was changed to the Port Terminal. Above, Bill Kron, the president of the Port Authority’s Board of Commissioners (left), presents Captain Perkins with a plaque highlighting his arrival in the Twin Ports as the first full passage boat of the season.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/4/2007
Kenneth Newhams :