Wide track, narrow track, everywhere a track track

In the picture above, taken Sunday morning, you can see in the broken ice going out from the bridge, a wide track and a narrow one inside it. On Friday, the cutter Biscayne Bay led the Mesabi Miner out of Duluth. Being second, the Mesabi Miner’s track covered over the cutter’s narrower track. The Mesabi Miner went to Marquette, but the cutter came back to port, creating the track pattern you see above. Last night, the Biscayne Bay was scheduled to depart for Thunder Bay. They broke open the track so I would guess there was a somewhat wider track inside the Mesabi Miner’s broader track laid down on Friday. The Miner returns this morning around 8 am. Presumably before that, you could see the Biscayne Bay Sunday night track created inside the Miner track from Friday. After the Miner comes in, we should only see its very wide track with the cutter track now covered over by the Miner’s wide body. There are no narrow tracks scheduled to interfere before it departs with another cargo of coal later today, this time for Taconite Harbor. Soon, we will be able to see the boats instead of track them. Photo taken on March 18, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-19-2007
Kenneth Newhams :