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Mesabi Miner here for winter layup soon

The Mesabi Miner was the last cargo vessel to depart the Twin Ports this season, leaving early afternoon on Tuesday (above) with the last coal to be loaded from the dock at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. Today the boat should be the last cargo vessel to arrive in the Twin Ports this season, coming back from the short trip to Marquette. After taking on some fuel at the Murphy Fuel dock, the Mesabi Miner will return to Midwest Energy, this time to spend the next couple months in winter lay up. If past history is a guide, the Mesabi Miner will be the first vessel to depart the Twin Ports in the new season, sometime in early March. It would also be the first one to arrive, again making the short haul to Marquette and back, available late this season and also early next season since it is on Lake Superior, this side of the Soo Locks which are now closed.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-19-2007

Callaway arriving for winter

Boats in port for winter layup, all US flagged. Duluth berths At Port Terminal: Stewart J. Cort, Roger Blough, American Spirit and Edwin H. Gott. At Hallett 5: Indiana Harbor. Superior berths At Fraser Shipyards: Kaye E. Barker, St. Clair, Cason J. Callaway and John G. Munson. At Enbridge: Walter J. McCarthy Jr. At Midwest Energy Resources: Mesabi Miner (on Friday, January 19th) Above, the Cason J. Callaway coming into port for layup on January 11 of this year.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-18-2007

Maunaloa II picture worth a thousand words

Above, Upper Lakes Shipping’s Maunaloa II arrived at the Hallett & Carey elevator dock in Superior on November 29, 1958 after coming down the north shore of Lake Superior with a cargo of grain from Fort William, Ontario. The low temperature on the previous night was 24 degrees below zero. The ship had been running in ‘frost fog’ caused by the extremely cold temperature of the air and the relatively warm temperature of Lake Superior, still in November. The ice fog, and not wave action, caused the heavy icing on all the ship’s exposed surfaces. The temperature at the time the picture was taken (9 a.m.) was minus 18 degrees. The Maunaloa II was built in 1899. It eventually became a part of the Pittsburgh Steamship Company fleet until sold to the Canadian company Upper Lakes Shipping in 1945. The boat was scrapped in 1972 in Toronto. Ironically, given the picture above, the boat was named after the volcano Mauna Loa on the island of Hawaii.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-17-2007

Stewart J. Cort here for winter layup

We have one more boat to go. The Mesabi Miner doesn’t know when to quit. It was expected in early this morning to load coal for Marquette before returning on Friday to stay, at least until the middle of March. The crew is not happy, you can be sure. It’s like being in school, and all the other classes get to go home on vacation. Your class stays for 3 more days. At 6:30 Sunday morning, the Stewart J. Cort came under the Lift Bridge for only the second time this season, despite making 48 trips to the Twin Ports. The Great Lakes’ first thousand footer works almost exclusively at the Burlington Northern Dock just inside the Superior entry. It will spend the winter here at Port Terminal berth 7 (above).
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-16-2007

Gott gets Garfield berth

The Edwin H. Gott came under the Lift Bridge on Sunday morning at 2:25. Later that morning, crew members had secured the boat at Garfield berth C (above) for winter lay up. The Stewart J. Cort came in at 6:54 Sunday morning and is now secured at Port Terminal berth 7. The next boat to arrive in the Twin Ports will be the Mesabi Miner, coming back on Tuesday from discharging a load of coal at Marquette. The Miner may take one more load before returning to spend the winter at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-15-2007

Edwin H. Gott here for winter layup

The Edwin H. Gott was expected here earlier this morning. This is the 13th time it has arrived in the Twin Ports this season. It will stay here, in layup, until sometime in late March or early April when it will again go out to carry taconite pellets from Lake Superior ports to a variety of steel making facilities on the lower lakes. It is coming here after discharging a cargo of taconite in Gary that it loaded in Two Harbors. The Stewart J. Cort was expected in for winter layup late last night.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-14-2007

Canadian Olympic enters the ship canal

Only one boat, the Roger Blough, is coming into port for the winter today. Four boats will be here still working, loading taconite and coal. The Canadian Olympic came into port yesterday (above). This is its 16th and last visit of the season. Like most of the previous trips, it is loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior for Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-12-2007