Kaye E. Barker in cold water

It’s a good deal for places like Duluth when people in the west want stuff from people in the east and people in the east want stuff from people in the west. The Kaye E. Barker will be here today to provide that service. It loaded coal at Conneaut, Ohio to bring up to Duluth where it will be used at several places in Northern Minnesota that need that particular kind of coal. After emptying the cargo holds of that coal, it will then move over to the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior to load coal for a power plant in Marquette, Michigan. That coal was mined in Montana and arrived here by train. It is likely the Barker will arrive, service the two cargos of coal and depart all today. Photo taken December 26, 2005.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-02-2006
Kenneth Newhams :