Halifax approaches Aerial Lift Bridge

The Canadian flagged Halifax will be here today to load taconite. It was built in 1963 in Lauzon, Quebec as the Frankcliffe Hall and is 730 feet and two inches long. The ‘extra’ two inches made it the longest boat on the Great Lakes, a distinction that lasted until 1965. It is the last steam powered boat in the Canada Steamship fleet and is named for the capital of Nova Scotia. A self unloader was added to the deck in 1980 that has given it a longer life. A sister ship, the Baie St. Paul, without that addition, was scrapped in India in 1996. Photo taken May 27, 2002. [Halifax was scrapped in June of 2011]
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-04-2006
Kenneth Newhams :