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Canadian Enterprise arriving Duluth

The Gales of November came a little early on Monday. As anyone who was close by Lake Superior yesterday knows, there was a big blow on the lake, as a crew member on the J.A.W. Iglehart described it to me on Sunday evening. Gusts up to 40 mph were reached, all from the east. Today, the winds will be just as fierce but from the west. I am not sure what that might do to ship … [Read more...]

Iglehart approaching Aerial Lift Bridge

It will be another busy day today at the Midwest Energy coal dock in Superior. Five boats are scheduled to arrive in port today to load coal. Some of those boats may slow down out in the Lake while others may drop anchor off the Duluth piers. The J.A.W. Iglehart will be coming here to discharge cement for perhaps the last time this season. It is set to move into layup here as … [Read more...]

McCarthy greeted at Canal Park

The Canadian Transport brought salt into port on Saturday, and then waited for the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. to complete loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources before moving over there to load coal as its departing cargo also. The McCarthy came into port about 1 pm on Saturday (above). It has averaged about 12 hours in port on each of its 34 visits here this season, so it … [Read more...]

Daviken enters canal to welcoming crowd

Today, we have lots of coal going out the door, in fact there will likely be a boat or two waiting in line to get a berth at Midwest Energy Resources. And some more taconite from Burlington Northern is going to Algeria by way of a salt water ship, in this case, the Norwegian owned Daviken. Its sister ship, the Sandviken, was just here a few days ago loading grain. This is only … [Read more...]

Mesabi Miner greeted by North Pier Light

The Mesabi Miner was greeted by a good crowd when it entered the Duluth ship canal last month on September 14th. It has been here 4 times since then, each time, as today, loading taconite at the CN Dock in West Duluth. For the year, this will be its 25th visit to the Twin Ports. On eleven of those trips, it loaded coal at Midwest Energy across the St. Louis River from the CN … [Read more...]