Middletown loads taconite

Three more boats will be here today to load coal. The Columbia Star will load coal for Consumers Energy’s Cobb power plant at Muskegon, Michigan, a port half way to Chicago on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. The American Mariner will be taking coal down the other side of Lake Michigan to Milwaukee where it will be used in power plants operated by Wisconsin Electric Power. Both ports do not receive very many cargos of coal from Midwest Energy Resources. But the Canadian Transport will be here, doing what it was built to do and still does on a very regular basis, carry coal from Midwest Energy to Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke. The Middletown, seen above loading taconite in November, 2004, will also load taconite today.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-01-2006
Kenneth Newhams :