Mandarin to Duluth

The Mandarin should be here this afternoon to load grain. It is one of many salt water ships that come here under charter to Canfornav (Canadian Forest Navigation). As this one, many of these ships are named after ducks. We have seen the Bluebill, Bluewing, Greenwing and Pintail here before. True to its name, the Mandarin was built in China in 2003 and named after the Mandarin duck, an endangered bird found in Asia. The Mandarin should appear on the horizon early this afternoon, sail right by the Federal Nakagawa, still at anchor off the Duluth piers, come into port and begin loading grain. When the Mandarin completes loading and departs, perhaps on Tuesday, the Federal Nakagawa will then come in. Photo taken May 24, 2005
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/16/2006
Kenneth Newhams :