Algosteel at anchor in the Lake

The first boat to arrive and depart may be a big deal, but a bigger deal for boatwatchers is the first boat to sit at anchor off the Duluth piers. The Algosteel was supposed to come in to load coal early Saturday morning, but first light saw it at anchor (above) where it stayed most of the day, finally coming in Saturday evening as dark was setting in. Engine problems may have caused the delay in coming in. Meanwhile, there was a concern about the Soo Locks opening one minute after midnight, Saturday morning. Prior to midnight, the Soo webcam showed four boats waiting to come in and hours after midnight they hadn’t moved. The Soo locks opened on time and the boats moved through. It was the webcam that wasn’t working.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-26-2006
Kenneth Newhams :