Oglebay Norton ice

The Oglebay Norton was here yesterday for the 46th time this season, loading coal as it has done on most every trip. This is the season when Great Lakes boats begin to look like ice bergs. The Oglebay Norton’s bow is encased in ice, and more ice will follow as the season continues into January. It is a losing battle to try to clear it since the boat spends much of its time in the icy waters of Lake Superior. This is the unavoidable result when the boat is sailing into the wind on Lake Superior. But work goes on. At left, you can see the Midwest Energy Resources ship loader getting ready to pour coal into the boat’s cargo holds. For that reason, the boat’s self unloader, center, has been raised up to make way for the ship loader.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-22-2005

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