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Speer will load taconite for Conneaut

The Edgar B. Speer will be here today to load taconite for Conneaut, Ohio at the Burlington Northern Dock in Superior. It will likely come in the Duluth entry to get fuel at the Port Terminal before moving down the Superior channel to the BN Dock. Typically, taconite discharged at Conneaut is transferred to railroad cars for distribution to steel plants in Pennsylvania.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-31-2005

Canadian Transport passes under the Aerial Lift Bridge

The Canadian Transport was built in 1979, the same year additional width was allowed for vessels transiting the Welland Canal. Ten inches was added to the previous allowable width of 75 feet. The Canadian Transport was built with a width of 75 feet, 8 inches. The 8 inches provided 31,800 more cubic feet of cargo space. It is loading about 30,000 tons of coal for Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke, Ontario, the usual cargo and destination for this boat.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-30-2005

On the deck of the John J. Boland

The John J. Boland started life in 1973 as the Charles E. Wilson. When American Steamship Company’s boat called the John J. Boland was sold to Lower Lakes Towing a couple years ago, the Charles E. Wilson became the new John J. Boland. Above, taken last week from the deck of the Boland while it was at its winter layup berth at the Port Authority.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-29-2005

Canadian Olympic exits Duluth canal

The Canadian Olympic will be here today to load about 30,000 tons of coal at Midwest Energy. The cargo will be taken to Nanticoke, Ontario. The boat was built in Port Weller, Ontario in 1976. That was the same year the Olympics were held in Montreal. providing the boat with its last name. It made 9 trips here last year.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-28-2005

Lee A. is first from beyond the Soo

The Lee A. Tregurtha arrived Saturday afternoon at 4:01. It is the first boat to come to Duluth this season from the other side of the Soo Locks which opened early Friday morning. Although not a frequent visitor, it arrived for its only visit last season on December 31st. It did not waste any time getting here for the first visit this season. Besides being a very pretty boat, it has one of the best, loudest and oldest steam whistles on the Great Lakes.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-27-2005

Lee A. Tregurtha leads the way

Ice in the river below the Soo Locks delayed the departure of boats waiting to enter Lake Superior Friday morning. Instead of arriving early this morning, the first boats from beyond the Soo Locks should be arriving here this afternoon. The parade will still be led by the Lee A. Tregurtha (above). All the arrivals today came through the Soo Locks yesterday.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-26-2005