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Menominee: First saltwater ship of 2003

Arrived: April 11, 2003 at 11:30 am
Built in 1968 as the Holmsund, she was renamed Menominee, and then sailed as the Kathryn Spirit. I think she is no longer in service.
The Norwegian flagged Menominee was the first saltwater ship of the year in 2003, arriving on April 11, 2003 at 11:30 am. A ship named the Menominee would not at first glance appear to be a candidate for the first saltie of the year, since it is named for a city in Michigan. The ship’s owner is from Norway but he has a good friend (and business partner) in Menominee, hence the name.
She discharged 1,800 metric tons of German lumber.

Oh yes, the old days; remember when we had ice and snow in the winter?

The Canadian icebreaker Samuel Risley had some time off last weekend, according to the Windsor Star. Not enough ice to keep the best ice breaker on the Great Lakes going seven days a week, their usual winter schedule. Not so in the above picture I took aboard the Sundew on April 5, 2003. Since the crew isn’t around here any more and are out of earshot, I  can mention that at the time I took this picture, the Sundew was stopped in the ice, just off the Superior entry. On the other hand, that was the winter that the Duluth ship canal was clogged full of ice, probably because of a stiff east wind blowing Lake Superior’s remaining ice to Duluth. The Risley came down to break that up but took one shot at the ice pack, and bounced off. They called the Sundew reporting no can do. I lied about the Risley being the best Ice Breaker on the Great Lakes. She is second. Spring is in first place and we had to wait until April 19th that year before she could open up the ship canal.