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Lunch aboard the Peonia

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201026-111On October 26, 2000, lunch aboard the Peonia was a colorful affair. Here, chief steward Coutinho serves Chief Engineer Rajendra S. Shekhawat curried carrots. His wife Suman, sits beside him. She joined the ship in China, where they started a 46 day journey across the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal, and up to and into the St. Lawrence Seaway. They discharged their Chinese cargo of coke in Hamilton, Ontario and then proceeded to Duluth. Suman will fly home to 201026-113India to be back with her two children, either from Duluth or Montreal. Below, at the Marine Museum, they share photos taken by electro technical officer Syndey Pinto (left) on the side trip they took to Niagara Falls while the ship was in Hamilton. The Peonia should depart Duluth on Saturday with a cargo of corn for Algeria.